Talking About Salaries? YES: Jenna Lovell


Writer & Editor at My Missing Factor


How do you describe yourself in one sentence?

“I'm a chocolate & adventure loving word nerd who encourages myself and those around me to live a life on their own terms.”

What's your job title & how did you get there?

“I'm a Writer, Editor & Women's Health Advocate. My illness has inspired me to create a job that creates and supports a healthy life.”

What's the best piece of advice you've received re negotiating your salary & benefits?

”Know your value, and accept nothing less. It can be easy to be negotiated down on a price or salary, but sticking to your worth has so many more benefits than just financial.”

Do you ever talk about your salary with coworkers? Why or why not?

“I have in previous jobs, even though its often written into contracts that you can't. The only people being quite seems to benefit is the employer, and that always bothered me. One of the great things about the solepreneur/freelancer communities I'm in is we are supportive and collaborative, not competitive. Discussing job issues & challenges empowers and educates, and there's nothing bad about that.”

How do you prepare for pay rise, promotion or tough negotiation conversations?

“As a freelancer, I work on attracting clients who value me and value paying well for a job well done. My clients help me value what I offer, and some of them have supported me in pitching or renegotiating fees in my favour.”

What would you tell your younger self about negotiating your first salary?

I'd say that the 2008 GFC really sucked, and under the circumstances you did a great job. I'd also say if you decide to set your sights and standards high, that's an amazing thing to do for yourself.”

Did you ever agree to something in a negotiation you now regret doing?

“To be honest, in previous jobs, I've never felt like I was in a negotiation, more like salaries were presented and agreement was expected. I think for my experiences, in jobs I've always agreed to everything, and that's a mistake!”