! ALERT ! Must Negotiate Performance-Based Raises: Kelly Glover


Podcast Guest Booking Agent, The Talent Squad

Kelly Glover.002.jpeg

How do you describe yourself in one sentence?

“Podcast guest booking agent & award-winning branded podcast producer”


What's your job title & how did you get there?

“Founder & CEO (started my own podcast agency)”

What's the best piece of advice you've received re negotiating your salary & benefits?

“Actually, I've never received any advice. Ever.”

Do you ever talk about your salary with coworkers? Why or why not?

“When I earned less, yes. When I started earning more then no.”

How do you prepare for pay rise, promotion or tough negotiation conversations?

“Research other salaries in the market.”

What would you tell your younger self about negotiating your first salary?

“Negotiate performance-based raises/ bonuses in the contract so it's a win win.”

Did you ever agree to something in a negotiation you now regret doing?

“I always saw jobs as take it or leave it money so that's what I always did. Now, i'd build in performance factors.”