All Male Cricket Commentary Team is Just Bad Business

SUMMER’S almost here.

The lifesavers are on the beach, the frangipanis are in bloom and the bloke’s test cricket team is gearing up for an Ashes battle.

(In case you missed it, the women’s team fought for the Ashes too — and won — last week. But, I digress.

The men’s test team has been announced and, as always, there’s controversy.

Is Tim Paine the man to inject dependability into the middle order? Does Shaun Marsh really deserve another chance to prove himself?

So many of the same debates — year in, year out. And speaking of more of the same, long term cricket broadcaster Channel Nine announced its Ashes commentary team on Friday:

Channel 9's ashes commentary team. Source:Twitter

Channel 9's ashes commentary team.Source:Twitter

Seven former Australian test greats — and Mark Nicholas. Predictable and overtly lacking diversity.

I spoke to several highly respected former female players and commentators after the announcement — none were even approached. I don’t think that’s good enough.

Australia is all about a fair go. We’re a nation wanting to move forward. A nation willing to stand up for and define ourselves by our diversity. We saw this first-hand with the majority voting to support marriage equality.

“Nine’s sports coverage has plenty of racist, sexist and homophobic commentary. This commentary team does not assist a network which is already seen as living in the past,” Mary Konstantopoulos told me.

She’s the founder of the Ladies Who Legspin podcast and a passionate cricket fanatic.

“This is not just about gender in cricket — this is about diversity — in every sense of the word. I’m not questioning the appointed commentators’ talents or wanting anyone sacked. I want to know why don’t we add diverse talent to the line up instead of going backwards like this? Channel Nine has no idea.”